Webinar Why PCI DSS is not enough

Invest 30 minutes of your time and join in when Enrico talks about the threats on the internet and why the standards such as PCI DSS is not enough.

You will learn about what these threats consist of and others such as the following:

  • Firewalls: Why Stateful Packet Inspection is obsolete
  • Beyond Antivirus: HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System)
  • Internal network encryption: What happens behind the curtain?
  • High availability and disaster recovery. I need to have my data available
  • Cloud providers: Who is who?


Enrico Ermanno Dall’Ara

Qualified Security Assessor 24 Solutions
Enrico has several years of experience working with IT security. He now works as a security analyst with a focus on PCI DSS and its standards. Furthermore, Enrico has extensive experience in penetration testing and risk analysis on the Internet.

Hear what Enrico has to say about why PCI DSS is not enough and what you can do to minimize the threats on the Internet and its consequences. Do you have questions about IT security, you are welcome to ask them to Enrico in the webinar.


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