Webinar: FireHost partnership

24 Solutions is the most secure cloud provider in the Nordics and FireHost is a world-leading secure cloud provider. In February we signed a partnership agreement to join forces and extend our global reach.

24 Solutions is unique in combining a PCI DSS certified platform with being an independent PCI QSA company. It allows us to be the single point of contact for all compliance needs. In combination with FireHost being a leader in secure cloud infrastructure built for Payment & PCI, Healthcare & HIPAA, and hosting for security conscious, compliance driven companies, we now have a lot more to offer.

Welcome to a webinar where we:

  • Share our views on security and compliance
  • Introduce FireHost and their product portfolio
  • Present the benefits that the partnership offers to current and prospective clients

Date: 29 april       Time: 10:00-10:30

Presenters: Daniel Werner, CEO, 24 Solutions and Doug Gault, EMEA Client Architect, FireHost

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