We support Musikhjälpen!

Support the charity Musikhjälpen

Every year around Christmas, we at 24 Solutions pick a charity or initiative to donate to as our Christmas present to clients and customers. This year we choose to support Musikhjälpen.

Musikhjälpen is a collaboration between SVT, Sveriges Radio and Radiohjälpen where radio is broadcasted for 144 hours straight, highlighting an important theme every year. For 2017 the theme is Children are not for sale. Despite it being illegal, human trafficking is one of the biggest forms of organised crime in the world. Many of those who are sold are children. Every minute 4 children are sold to sex trafficking around the world, and children living in poorer areas hit by war or natural disasters are usually most at risk.

Donations to Musikhjälpen will go to different projects and organisations that work preventatively against child trafficking, and help those who have escaped sex trafficking. Read more about the theme here.

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