Turkish magazine ICT Media features 24 Solutions

The November issue of ICT Media Magazine (Information and Communication Technologies Magazine) focused on the topic: “Information Security and Personal Data Protection” and 24 Solutions is featured.

Article in ICT MediaTurkish Country Director, Emrah Elmas, was interviewed regarding laws to protect personal data. Em
rah was able to share Swedish experiences from implementing a Personal Protection Act (PUL) as early as 1995. He further addressed how the EU-wide legislation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will strengthen each individual’s rights to his/her data. The new law in Turkey has been said to be narrow in its scope, to which Emrah’s reply was:

“The experience of 24 Solutions working in different countries with a focus on compliance, specifically regarding personal and credit card data, is that legislation can often be too technically detailed which leaves it vulnerable to technical development not being covered by the law. It is important that the law is written in a generic way to capture the essence of information security. The goal of any law regarding information security should be that organizations embrace and take the opportunity to add value to their services rather than just seeing it as a need to comply. Good security is good business.”


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