The PCI Insider blog moves

The PCI Insider transforms into the Security Blog

The PCI Insider has been posting about PCI-related issues since 2015. We have now come to a decision to broaden the content and with that decision aslo expand contributors. Enrico, Amedeo and Cristiano, all of which are PCI QSA:s and seniors security specialists, will keep writing, also Zeeshan who sits on years of experience within IT security. Additions are Jonas Gharanfoli who recently wrote his thesis about PCI DSS and is now working toward becoming a PCI QSA and Pelle Nilsson, CIO at 24 Solutions and the expert on compliance, ISO certification and, not least, the new General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. With Jonas and Pelle joining the writing squad, we will be able to cover some new angles on IT security. Still the aim is to write both high and low. Super technical and basic. But, the idea is still that the blog will keep you updated regarding security, challenge you to reflect, and hopefully aslo teach you something every now and then.

The latest blog post is written by Jonas and he discusses risk assessment during a time when gambling is growing fast. With the help of Texas Hold’em, he gives us a lesson in how to think and how to also apply it to decisions about investments around security . What risk am I facing? How likely is an attack? What does it cost to invest in the security solution?

Nowadays you will find our Security blog at In the Swedish site we post summaries in Swedish.

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