Transport / Logistics

Need to keep your business running smoothly?

Companies in the transport and logistics industry are constantly searching for new solutions to increase output and minimize costs. By outsourcing your IT needs to IT experts, you can cut costs and increase the efficiency of your communication channels and online presence.

Realiability and availability

In the transport and logistics industry, being ‘on the move’ is part of the job. This means that it is vital that IT-services are reliable and highly available.  High performance, low response times, and that everything occurs in real time, are also of value. The last thing you want to happen is that everything stands still!

We have the solutions to keep you ahead of the rest

24 Solutions offer services that can help tackle the challenges that organisations face in the transportation and logistics industry. Let our high-availability infrastructure and IT experts help your business run smoothly and efficiently 24/7/365. We can provide you with the solutions that enable your company to be proactive in rapidly changing situational environments.

How 24 Solutions help our transportation and logistics clients

24 Solutions provide solutions to some of the largest and most important players in the transport and logistics industry. We have extensive experience in transportation and logistics, and our solutions are tailored to our customers’ specific requirements for availability and reliability. We have set up high performance servers, manage infrastructures for our customers’ databases, and are also responsible for database management.

Some of our transport and logistics customers also use the Managed Procedure service, which means that 24 Solutions take the responsibility of monitoring, handling and solving operational issues related to our customers’ applications, services and databases. All of this takes place in our secure server environment.

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