Health care

Do you have strict guidelines for handling patient data?

In the health care sector, handling data with the utmost confidentiality and care is of extreme importance. This means that both private and public health care organizations have strict regulations to adhere to. There is simply no room for error when people’s lives are at stake. The IT infrastructure therefore needs to guarantee availability and, since much of the data is sensitive, the requirements are high pertaining to security.

Cut costs and increase efficiency

With the health care industry becoming increasingly privatized, there has been a search for solutions that will increase efficiency and minimize costs, while simultaneously ensuring the highest possible security and availability. 24 Solutions provide data storage, database management, and other hosting and IT-security consultancy services that ensure that your data is securely stored and protected. By outsourcing your IT needs to IT experts, you can cut costs and increase efficiency.

Our solutions keep you compliant with regulations

24 Solutions offer services that can help meet the challenges faced within health care today. Let our highly available, secure infrastructure protect your data, such as patient journals and sensitive pharmaceutical specifications, and our experts help you run your IT systems smoothly and effectively. Our solutions enable your organization to remain compliant with regulations and be proactive in rapidly changing environments.

Our work in the health care sector

24 Solutions has extensive experience in providing services to clients in the health care sector. 24 solutions is a supplier to one of Sweden’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and we manage their infrastructure in our data centers. 24 Solutions were chosen for our ability to ensure high security and accessibility, something that is critical in the pharmaceutical industry. An industry that has high standards of compliance with various national and international security regulations, such as HIPAA in the United States.

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