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Are your transactions 100% protected?

24 Solutions are experts on infrastructure and security, and provide the services needed in order to operate in the FinTech, payment and finance industries. We protect millions of transactions each year, so that the companies we work with are safe from cyber attacks. The biggest challenge in the industry is security, and a basic requirement is that cardholder information is kept safe.

Credit card data and sensitive data are the main targets

Whether or not confidentiality of data is a must for your organization, it is always best practice. Cardholder information is the target of the majority of cyber attacks on private business. Since 24 Solutions is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant we have the highest level of security to protect cardholder information. We protect and support millions of transactions every year and we can safeguard your customers’ cardholder information from potential threats. Cardholder information isn’t the only sensitive data that we protect; we can guarantee that all data we protect is kept confidential and safe.

Confidentiality is key

Confidentiality is the key to information security, and a foundation to IT security in an organization. Confidentiality should be combined with integrity and availability – the three concepts within the CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) – for guaranteed security and high performance.

We can protect both data and transactions

24 Solutions can deliver the IT-security services that secure data and ensure the protection of transactions from curious eyes. We work with some of Sweden’s most well-known players in FinTech, payment and finance. For them, 24 Solutions has been the natural choice because we have the highest level of security available with our PCI DSS certification. We can help customers meet the PCI requirements, and we also offer different levels of responsibility depending on their needs. We can carry out log reviews, which means we check logs daily. We can also perform quarterly scans and PCI audits to evaluate your organization’s PCI DSS compliance.

PCI DSS and PCI QSA – We have both

With a PCI DSS-certified platform and the ability to offer PCI QSA services, we therefore have an expertise within PCI DSS that is hard to beat. With PCI-DSS compliant solutions we can ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data and that our clients are 100% compliant with security regulations, with us as their central contact and service provider.

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