Is high availability a must for your online business?

Crafting and designing a successful online business is difficult enough to begin with. Creating a quality online experience requires a multi-faceted approach, but you should not have to worry about every aspect involved. By letting a third party provide the infrastructure and security, you can focus on your core business – and let IT-experts do the rest!

An optimised environment customised to your needs

24 Solutions offer high availability, great service and top-notch security. With our PCI DSS compliance, whether it’s a requirement or not for your organization, we can guarantee optimized servers with high security. Instead of running your online store in do-it-yourself clouds where you have to do all the grunt work without any central management, we can configure an optimal IT environment to fit your specific needs.

Ensure high performance in real-time

There are many demands on e-commerce solutions. Uptime and high availability are a must for our customers. In e-commerce, it is also important to be able to handle peaks in traffic. There can be thousands of customers visiting your website at once, which means a lot of transactions. Stock management is also a key part of e-commerce. This means that all data must always be current so that everything occurs in real time and the user does not see a cached version of the website.

24 Solutions offer data storage and management, security and protection services, and other hosting and consulting services. We can ensure low response times and high performance in real time for e-commerce actors.

Our experience in e-commerce

24 Solutions has been the clear choice for our e-commerce customers because of our broad knowledge of IT operations, security and compliance, as well as for our ability to deliver solutions that meet customer specific requirements for high availability, high performance, and low response times.

Our customers include both online stores and business system vendors for which we have set up optimized and high-performance servers. 24 Solutions can deliver server-level services, but also manage infrastructures for database structures. We offer a redundant architecture to ensure high security and disaster protection. Also, it is not uncommon for us to partner with customers and work together to improve their internal processes.

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