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Our clients trust that we store, protect and handle their data 24/7/365 in the most secure way possible in our data centers or in the cloud.

Our services solve the challenges of your industry

24 Solutions’ speciality is to provide solutions for those industries where there are high demands on availability and accessibility, security, up-time and low response times. Our solutions are not only adapted to the needs of the organisations, but also comply with strict international laws and regulations.

Here are some of the industries we work with:

FinTech & Payment

In the payment industry there are high demands on information security. Many companies have to comply with the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which was developed in 2004 by the largest credit card companies to ensure that cardholder data is protected, kept secret and that all transactions are secured.

24 Solutions has a PCI DSS-certified platform and can also offer QSA services. This combination allows us to make sure that your business is 100% compliant. Learn more about how we can help you in the FinTech/Payment industry


Healthcare and related services have to be trusted to work around the clock. So it’s important that our solutions do the same!

24 Solutions can ensure that you comply with the strict regulations present in healthcare, and with good reason. We can protect your data and ensure the high availability required for your particular services when we manage your IT operations in our own data centers. Learn more about how we work with customers in healthcare.


E-commerce customers demand a positive online experience and your IT solution is an important part of guaranteeing just that. Uptime, reliability and high performance, in real time, are obvious requirements. Our e-commerce customers rely on us to provide them with high performance servers, manage their IT operations and infrastructure, and ensure that they have proper backup. Read more about our e-commerce solutions.

Logistics and Transport

Low response times coupled with high availability and performance are just some of the requirements in the transport and logistics industry. It is also especially important that everything happens in real time.

24 Solutions can offer services that specifically address these challenges. We can set up high performance servers, take responsibility for database management and infrastructure. We can also monitor and address operating problems should they occur, so that your business never comes to a standstill. Read how 24 Solutions can help your company in the transport and logistics industry.

Start-up or large corporation, we are a good fit

24 Solutions’ flexible and highly effective solutions benefit all types of organisations, big or small. Our IT services and solutions help serve all types of companies, and we are able customise solutions to fit the specific needs of your organisation, whether it is a small start-up in the technology sector or a large corporation leading the way in manufacturing.

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