Security Specialists certified within ISO 27001

We continue to build our expertise to ensure that we can deliver the absolute latest and best within IT security. The latest attestations to add to our portfolio are Amedeo Lupinelli and Cristiano Iarusci being certified as internal and second-party auditors for the ISO 27001 standard.

Security specialist certified for ISO 27001Both Amedeo and Cristiano are senior security specialists with PCI QSA and PCI PA-QSA certifications. They have years of experience in various IT security related roles and regularly audit and assess organizations that must adhere to PCI DSS.

We’re now actively involved in the process of extending our ISO 27001 auditor faculties to third-parties, which will eventually increase our offering.

The ISO 27001 standard lists what is needed to establish, implement, maintain and improve a company’s system for information security management. The standard also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks bespoke to the needs of the organization.

24 Solutions holds the ISO 27001 certification, which fits extremely well into our focus on security and compliance, whether it relates to the delivery of security services or IT operations.

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