Pingst movement secured by 24 Solutions

The Pingst movement in Sweden carry out a big charity work for people in over 60 countries. As the the organization is seeking to become more efficient the need of functioning and secure IT increases. Pingst – fria församlingar i samverkan (-ffs), the organization that structures the joint work, has given 24 Solutions the assignment.

The Pingst movement has over half a billion members worldwide, there of nearly 80 000 members in Sweden alone. The National Society Pingst -ffs consists of about 500 free assemblies and one of its functions is to act as an aid organization. Together with various foundations, including the LP-foundation that works with substance abusers, the organization’s focus is on various relief efforts in the community. Assistance section PMU Interlife is funded, except by the assembly, even by SIDA in Sweden.

As Pingst – ffs develops, the workload on the management and economics department is growing. 24 Solutions is responsible for the outsourcing of the IT environment that secures the organization at the same time making it more efficient.

– In search of more efficient administration due to higher workloads for both staff and finances, we signed agreements with 24 Solutions. To become an effective head office professional IT saves both time and money, says PeO Larsson, Pingst- ffs.

For Pingst – ffs 24 Solutions is responsible for operating the head office’s IT environment, which includes server and client hosting and support of end users. Through safe operation and high availability the communication between the various activities in Sweden, and with the assistance centers around the world, is secured.

– An efficient charity contributes to poverty reduction, increased democratization and sustainable development in affected countries and is an incredibly important job. Therefore, we at 24 Solutions are pleased to offer Pingst- ffs the IT services needed to make this process work smoothly in all regions. I am personally interested in the job and have just returned from a visit to the PMU’s assistance center in Bukavu, DR Congo, says Daniel Werner, MD 24 Solutions.

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