Major upgrade completed!

We are now live with our new infrastructure!

Our technicians have been working day and night to upgrade our infrastructure to comply with the technical level that we strive for. The implemented upgrades and improvements are necessary to provide your IT systems with maximal security, performance and availability.

Generally, what we have done is:
–          The infrastructure within and between our datacenters have been extensively upgraded.
–          Major fiber upgrades have been implemented providing higher performance to and from the datacenters.
–          All infrastructure have been upgraded to be compatible with these new, higher bandwidths.

On a more technical level: these are some of the changes implemented:
–          The switch-network is now using the latest datacenter technology from the leading network provider.
–          40 Gbit active/active full mesh between datacenters for internal communication.
–          10 Gbit cut through switching for lower latency.
–          No spanning-tree between datacenters.
–          New vPC design results in fewer switch hops to destinations and higher redundancy.
–          All non-redundant PSU core network equipment have been retired.
–          10 to 20 times higher uplink capacity to top of rack (ToR) switches.
–          It is now possible to use LACP for physical machines that connect to multiple ToR switches resulting in a more sophisticated redundancy and more available bandwidth.
–          All core equipment (load balancers, routers and firewalls) is now connected to two ToR or core switches with virtual port-channels for even better redundancy.
–          Removed legacy single point of failures (SPoFs).
–          New filters and automated defenses against “traffic storms”.
–          New network is fully jumbo frames enabled.

We expect that these improvements will make our customers even more satisfied with us as their hosting provider. If you have any questions regarding these changes, or our infrastructure feel free to contact our Operations Director Johan Grönlund,

  • 24 Solutions AB
  • Smedjegatan 2C
  • SE-13154 Nacka, Sweden
  • +46 (0)8 535 24 100