Let us Hack you before someone else will!

Not sure if your site is secure? Let us find out!

The Internet is broken, it’s a bold statement, but from a security point of view it’s a fact. The Web application security consortium estimates 49% of organizations are vulnerable to attacks. The consequence of intrusion could be decrease in revenue and in the worst cases, the theft of personal data such as cardholder numbers. Many companies don’t admit intrusions since it could result in negative badwill of the brand.

In the recent waves of the heartbleed and shellshock security bugs it’s now, more than ever important to have control of your environment. Our security database is continuously updated with latest 0-day flaws and are ranked by CVSS score. You get the report from us with detailed information on each flaw and can decide if you want further discussion on how to mitigate the security gaps.

You Get:


  • 100+ attack vectors including OWASP top 10
  • 0-day and signature based scanning
  • No software install we run everything from the cloud
  • Scan based on structure not content
  • Prioritised with severity level and impact
  • Report with details on each flaw
  • Severity level on flaw
  • False Positive selection up to 25 Exploits
  • Validation on top 25 Exploits
  • Full report on all findings

1 domain, 1 Scan, 1 Report = 7 900 SEK

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  • Smedjegatan 2C
  • SE-13154 Nacka, Sweden
  • +46 (0)8 535 24 100