Jakob Stäck new Linux Systems Engineer

We are very happy to welcome our latest recruit!

Jakob Stäck Linux Systems EngineerJakob Stäck is our latest recruit who will hold the position of Linux Systems Engineer. Jakob studied Linux systems at Nackademin, following which he has worked for several companies, including Tre, Nasdaq and FS Dynamics. His most recent assignment prior to 24 Solutions was as a consultant placed at Every 100 %.

When Jakob isn’t solving Linux-related issues, he spends his time with the Sea Scouts. There he is a leader for youth aged 15 to 18 and also serves as Vice Chairman for the organization.

As Linux Systems Engineer Jakob will have a central role in the 24 Solutions’ Operations team. His focus will be on designing and implementing Linux solutions in our key operating environment according to our customers’ requirements. He’ll constantly look for the best solution that also delivers high performance and efficiency.

Jakob has already demonstrated that he has ideas, which we are convinced will benefit our customers. He is not one to shy away from taking on a challenge or two. Not sure if it is the leadership role within the Scout core, but Jakob has an impressive pedagogical approach to explaining solutions. How he will manage around the Ping-Pong table remains to be seen, but most certainly that will resolve itself over time.

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