Managed Procedure

Want to prioritise the core business?

Do you have a lot on your plate and find it hard to allocate time to your core business? With Managed Procedure 24 Solutions performs work within the customer’s server environment according to documented procedures that you have created and have control over. The work can entail monitoring services, addressing glitches in operations, as well as maintaining client applications, services and databases.

Documentation is key

When the documentation is in place, 24 Solutions becomes responsible for verifying that the monitoring of services, requested scheduled tasks, and internal information distribution is done according to standard processes and the Managed Procedure documentation. The work can either be scheduled for continuous delivery, triggered by an event from a monitoring system, or be requested manually via the Service Desk.

You control how it is done

The documentation, which needs to cover aspects such as requirements, log levels, and incident procedures is always available in our service portal. If a change is made, both parties must confirm receipt and approve it before it applies. You can rely on us to handle things exactly the way you want it to be done, so that you can focus on your core business instead.

Keeping IT services availableDocumentation for Managed Procedure

  • Monitoring specification
    • Services to monitor
    • Values – high/low to monitor
    • Scripts to check service health and expected output
  • Procedures per monitored service and their status
    • Steps to verify health
    • Steps to resolve common incidents
    • Steps to re-verify health
  • Re-occurring scheduled tasks
    • Check applications, databases and other software in procedure to see if they need updates and/or patches
    • Report upon service health according to documented procedures

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