Hybrid IT

Public or private? Want the best of two worlds?

When deciding on a cloud solution, companies have different options – private cloud solution, public or a hybrid solution. What you should choose depends entirely on your data and your needs. Sometimes a dedicated private cloud solution serves your best interest, sometimes a traditional public cloud will do, but oftentimes a hybrid solution is the best option.

What’s the difference?

What characterizes a private cloud is high security and control, and it is a good option for companies where data security is crucial for running your business. However, private cloud solutions reduces cost savings. Public clouds on the other hand can be an effective solution as they offer more flexibility, but they are more vulnerable than private clouds. Therefore, a combination of both private and public is often the best fit to suit your needs. Through a hybrid cloud solution, you can ensure that every aspect of your business is in the most efficient environment. 24 Solutions have hybrid cloud solutions for your organisation!

Combine the flexibility of one with the security of the other

However, it can be difficult finding a good balance between the two, and operating within both realms is not an easy task to manage. 24 Solutions offer hybrid cloud solutions that combine the best of all worlds. The flexibility of a public cloud and the security of private clouds are integrated with traditional, dedicated hardware-based platforms.

We connect the clouds in different places

We can use our technical competence to pair our cloud with other clouds, and even a separate data center. We can provide the operations, monitoring, and responsibility needed to support the entire chain, so that you only need one point of contact for your Hybrid IT Cloud.

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