Want to be able to restore your IT environment if disaster strikes?

Backing up of important data is a way to protect your company from loss of data if disaster strikes. Some companies are even required by law and regulatory authorities, such as PCI SSC, to do regular backups to achieve and maintain compliance. For others it is simply good practice. However, all organizations can benefit from doing backups even if it is only to be certain that you can recover data if need be.

Remote backup service tailored to your needs

24 Solutions provides a remote backup service that we tailor to the type of data you want to protect and how you need to access it. We protect hundreds of virtual servers and databases with Commvault and help our clients sleep well at night. It just works. By performing reoccurring copies of the data in your IT environment, we can minimize downtime and quickly restore critical business functions and system data if something unexpected was to occur. And, we do it without disrupting your end-user applications or customer experience.

Remote backup flowOur Commvault system enables our clients to protect their systems in the most optimal way. It is built to support critical systems with large databases and complex architecture, but also the most standard virtualized infrastructure. Our backup service is standardized when it comes to hardware, software, operational processes, routines and infrastructure, but the configuration is tailored according to your wishes. The range can be anything from daily protection of a couple of virtual servers over VPN to large Oracle database clusters backed up over dedicated fiber links. We believe that we can protect anything anywhere.

Don’t backup anything without restore testing

We test our system and restore on a regular basis according to or Business Continuity Plan. This targets the system and not individual clients. Our best practice is to do a restore test when a backup service has been implemented, and document how it worked. Following the implementation, we set up a schedule for testing restore of your backup data as per your needs.

Backup the backup

Often companies implement backup systems themselves, but they are rarely prioritized, nor managed in an optimal way. Apart from the operation of the systems, physical and logical security is often overlooked. A backup should be stored in a different location from the original data. That way the risk of loosing the backup during a security incident is minimized and the negative impact limited.

At 24 Solutions all data is stored in two of Sweden’s most secure data centers. The system is not only replicated for the protection of your backup data, it is also redundant between the two datacenters to guarantee high availability. The data resides in a PCI DSS-certified infrastructure that is audited yearly. An audit that includes operational personnel, processes, and routines to make sure that your data is in good hands. Operations are handled locally from Stockholm 24/7 and we operate according to the principle of least privilege, i.e., only those who should can access data. And, we hold ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

Disaster recovery – what if your infrastructure is gone?

Do you have a plan for how to handle a disaster? Where would you store your backup if your whole infrastructure is unavailable? Our secure cloud infrastructure, located in two datacenters in Stockholm, can reserve the capacity you need. We have your data and can restore it to your reserved seat. When instigating a disaster recovery service we start by identifying what is vital for recovery. What systems and configurations are required? Everything can be configured beforehand, documented, and tested on a reoccurring basis. We hope that you don’t ever have to use our backup service, but we keep your data safe, just in case.

Eliminate the worry

At 24 Solutions you can rest assured that your backup gets the priority it should. You don’t have to worry about what a breach or malware could do, because your data is securely stored if disaster strikes. The data we handle is important for your business and we treat it with the respect it deserves.

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