Want reliable servers for business-critical applications?

The cloud has become quite the buzzword recently, and for good reason. Running applications through virtual servers over the cloud has become an effective solution to minimizing IT costs and can be a highly secure platform.

Proactive IT management

24 Solutions’ private cloud solutions are built with virtual servers on dedicated hardware. You profit from a larger base of resources with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, and at the same time can benefit from our proactive IT management. Our cloud services provide you with increased availability and security, as well as full control over your data.

Option of managed or unmanaged servers

24 Solutions has a top-notch infrastructure through which we can offer optimized secure servers. We can provide virtual server entities with a set capacity of vCPU and vRAM to meet your cloud-based needs, and can also deliver physical servers if required by your application and/or database licensing. We offer both servers that we can manage and be responsible for your IT, and unmanaged servers where clients handle the operation themselves.

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