(D)DoS Protection

Want to protect your environment against D(D)oS attacks?

In recent years, the number of DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks has increased exponentially worldwide, and have become frighteningly effective as technological innovation advances. DDoS and DoS attacks have become a favorite among black hat hackers, as they are effective, cheap, and relatively easy to perform.

Today’s internet-based businesses need protection

Both large and small organizations run the risk of being damaged by these attacks every day, and are all too often not well-protected enough. The likelihood of being attacked grows as businesses and their end-users become more dependent on internet-based and cloud-based business models. To effectively protect your organization and keep it operating, specialized expertise is required.

Counter attacks without disrupting services

Our sophisticated (D)DoS protection system provides early detection, which allows for fast counter measures to minimise interrupting your services. With our 24/7 service desk monitoring our clients’ environments and our technical security specialists on staff, we provide one of the best DDoS-protection solutions available.

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