Service Management

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Service management is a key component of customer service. Having an optimal system for managing and addressing individual cases is essential to quick and efficient support.

You can track requests

24 Solutions has a sophisticated request management system that allows us to track and document incidents and requests, which we can then address in an efficient and organized fashion. A system that is also available to our clients so that they can track active requests. Our support staff will work quickly through any request that comes up using ITIL processes to ensure that your IT system environment is always at its best.

Dedicated persons to be your link

24 Solutions also has dedicated Service Managers who continuously stay in contact with our customers to ensure that everything functions as it should and to plan ongoing work for smooth, non-disruptive operations for our clients and their end-users.

Traceability for transparency

All requests are registered in our system to ensure traceability and structured handling of all actions, and we are always working to supply our clients with the best service and care. Service management is a constant process, and we are always proactively working to fix potential problems before they could even occur.

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