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Do you need top-notch IT services that you can rely on?

Every company in our modern age relies on technology on a daily basis to stay competitive. Information Technology Services build the foundation for communication channels, transactions, websites, and much more in our technology-rich world. Organisations have different requirements and expectations for their IT services. This can be due to things like budget, nature and size of the business, and what kind of industry standards they have to comply with. 24 Solutions can provide the infrastructure, operations, and security needed for you to successfully run your business 24/7.

Disaster proof data centers

24 Solutions have multiple data centers in Sweden, as well as global locations via our trusted partners. The data centers are disaster protected and physically separated, with enterprise grade hardware, fully redundant architecture, and PCI DSS compliance. We offer the highest level of security and availability possible today.

With a focus on security

We want you to feel confident that your data is always protected, systems always up and running, and that your company meets the security standards it needs to. 24 Solutions can provide the infrastructure, operation and security required to enable you to successfully run your business. When you use our infrastructure, security is included by default. Our IT environment has a Level 1 PCI DSS certification, which means that we can offer security of the highest standard. We can also help companies become 100% compliant with PCI DSS regulations with our PCI DSS certified platform and QSA services.

Proactive so you can feel safe

An important part of being able to provide IT services is the ability to work proactively and handle problems efficiently if they arise. We can ensure that your operating systems work as they should, every day around the clock. With a knowledgeable Service Desk and dedicated Service Managers, you have a central point of contact who know the needs of your organisation.

We monitor, patch, configure, and help with the operating system in your servers 24/7/365. 24 Solutions takes responsibility for the OS working – if it doesn’t, we know within the minute and so do you, day or night. Any identified issues are immediately investigated by skilled professionals. And, to ensure that your operating systems are up-to-date, and that security vulnerabilities are minimal, we patch them on a monthly basis.

We have you completely covered

24 Solutions can offer both individual services as well as the complete IT-Services package you need for your business to be fully operational around the clock. We are a professional, efficient IT Services company that can be your one-stop solution to the network environment you need. We offer services within:

Let us help you keep your business-critical applications available!

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