Featured in Teracom’s Mhz magazine

24 Solutions is featured in Teracom’s magazine Mhz. The focus is on the choice of Teracom as data center provider and the new partnership.

Security in the cloud

Following an extensive search for a new data center partner the choice fell upon Teracom. “The deciding factor was that while the other players wanted to be our new provider, Teracom was looking for a partnership,” says Magnus Andersson, Director of Business Development, 24 Solutions.

The common denominator for 24 Solutions’ customers is that they all handle sensitive data that needs to be accessible via the Internet at all times.

Magnus Andersson and Pelle Nilsson“We have provided redundant high availability solutions for 15 years and have built our business on the combination of high security and availability. By choosing Teracom’s data center services, we have a supplier that shares our mindset. They also have a distribution network with coverage throughout Sweden, which we know is of value to many of our customers,” says Magnus Andersson.

24 Solutions is already in discussions with several prospects interested in solutions based on a combination of 24 Solutions’ secure cloud services and Teracom’s data centers and communication services.

“In the newly formed partnership, we are able to provide Teracom and their customers with information security services as a complement to the current offering,” says Magnus Andersson.

How 24 Solutions works

24 Solutions provides infrastructure and manages the operation of platforms for card payments throughout Europe. To be able to do this, you need to be certified according to PCI DSS, which is a global security standard for credit card systems. It is the highest security standard available and contains thousands of demands regarding the handling, processing and storage of data. PCI DSS provides a high degree of process control, which benefits all of 24 Solutions’ clients.

“They take advantage of the high standards of regulatory compliance we use to protect their data. It can include personal data or financial and medical information which often is just as sensitive as card data, if not even more,” says Magnus Andersson.

With EU’s release of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning data management, which takes effect in May 2018, the topic becomes highly relevant for all companies who now must review their processes to avoid penalties.

Moving to Kaknästornet

To guarantee high availability 24 Solutions must be prepared for unforeseen events such as power failures, fire, or other attacks. “We address this by using multiple, redundant data centers in different locations.

In Teracom’s data centers there are already several extra layer of redundancy in terms of both power and communications,” says Pelle Nilsson, VP Operations 24 Solutions. The move to Kaknästornet is scheduled to take six months.

“It’s a big task. We must do everything meticulously and the project plan is devised so that our customers will never experience any disturbances in their delivery, which is ongoing with extremely high demands on availability and security,” says Pelle Nilsson.

“We are convinced that both current and future customers will benefit from the move. And we believe that we have found an even better provider of underlying data centers function with a greater focus on safety and availability. With the help of Teracom, we will now be able to deliver our services throughout Sweden in a more optimal way,” says Magnus Andersson.


24 Solutions specializes in security, high availability and compliance. The company delivers private clouds to customers where high availability of critical business systems is a requirement and they take a large operational responsibility. 24 Solutions works according to strict processes to be able to monitor safety and quality.

This protects the customer data

Protecting data can be divided into three main stages.

  1. Prevent intrusion. This is done platform level and can include various types of firewalls and separate physical spaces.
  2. Teracom has built a private room for 24 Solutions with a separate entry through a metal door where everything is logged.
  3. Discover and stop the intrusion. Using system design and smart processes intrusion can be detected early and the intruder thrown out.
  4. Traceability. Following a possible breach one must know what data that was affected to be able to assess damage and take relevant measures.
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