EUDPR, PCI DSS & ISO 27001 – How do they compare?

The incommensurable Triade of EUDPR, PCI DSS & ISO 27001

Enrico Dall’Ara and Pelle Nilsson have recorded a 20 minute presentation where they compare the new EU Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

The focus of the presentation is:

  • Implications of the new European Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) from a Business Perspective
  • Similarities between EUDPR, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and ISO 27001
  • Chapter IV of the EUDPR: Controller and Processor

If you are currently compliant with PCI DSS are you already abiding by the regulations? Add ISO 27001 to that, what happens?


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