Dünya Daily features 24 Solutions in editorial

(Dünya Daily – April 30, 2016)
DÜNYA article about 24 Solutions


The Swedish 24 Solutions is preparing to invest in Turkey

The most secure cloud provider in Scandinavia is coming to Turkey

24 Solutions, positioned as the most secure cloud provider in Scandinavia, has some of Sweden’s largest companies in the payment, FinTech, logistics, transportation and pharmaceutical industries as clients, as well as international ones. Now they are preparing to provide their services and solutions in Turkey.

Having specialized in security and availability of Cloud and Hybrid IT, 24 Solutions provides solutions enabling its customers to store, protect, and manage their data at all times with uninterrupted business continuity, in either their (24 Solutions’) own data centers or in the cloud.

Unique in the world

The company stands apart from others with its PCI DSS certified platform and top notch infrastructure with the highest security features. CEO Daniel Werner underlines that 24 Solutions is one of the rare PA-QSA authorized companies. In fact, they are the only company in the world that possesses both of these compliances at the same time.

They will be serving a wide range of companies from SMEs to large corporations, and will soon clarify whether the will run their operations by themselves or with partnerships. Daniel Werner states as follows: “In order for payment applications to become officially recognized as PA-DSS validated they must be assessed by a PA-QSA in an offsite laboratory that meets ‘real-world’ requirements. In this respect, 24 Solutions is positioned as the only provider offering a complete turn-key solution with PCI compliance on all layers. We can provide this from our own PCI DSS certified IaaS and PaaS platforms as well as a white label Payment Gateway, enabling companies to use the product with their own brand. A solution targeted at PSP or e-commerce clients. Moreover, if the client has developed their own solutions we can audit the application with our in-house PCI QSA and PA-QSA team.”

24 Solutions specializes in security and availability of Cloud and Hybrid IT. Their solutions provide the needed functionality to store, protect, and manage their customers’ data at all times, either in own data centers or in the cloud. 24 Solutions has a cutting-edge PCI DSS certified platform and an infrastructure with the highest security qualifications.


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