Data in Sweden

Do you know where your data is?

Data in Sweden, stored in one of the most famous landmarks in Stockholm. Sounds good right? With 24 Solutions as a provider you can be sure that your data is stored in a first class, secure environment in Stockholm. Authorized personnel handle all operations from Sweden. Our infrastructure is located in the safest data centers in Sweden, with a security level beyond regulatory frameworks. And, we have two data centers to ensure complete redundancy so that your critical business applications are always up and running with us. One of our data centers is located in Kaknästornet where security systems, shell protection and access controls have been developed and implemented for maximum security. The tower has a CCTV system, 24/7/365 surveillance and only authorised staff have access.

Secure servers

Virtual servers from our cloud in Sweden offer a flexible and efficient solution that reduces IT-costs while providing both high security and availability. Secure Server is a virtual server delivered from a quality-assured infrastructure located in Sweden’s safest data center with full redundancy. 24 Solutions operating processes and systems ensure the highest quality, security and availability for your system. And, our infrastructure, systems and processes are reviewed annually by external auditors in order to ensure continued compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulations. As our customer, you can trust that we will meet your high demands.

Managed Procedure – secure system operations

Just having an IT infrastructure with high availability is not enough – you also have to make sure that your system is constantly updated and running around the clock. The managed procedure service allows you to handle your core business, while we take care of the rest. Our technical specialists monitor, fix operational problems and maintain your applications, services and databases in our secure server environment according to documented processes.

Secure cloud storage

Are you drowning in data? Is the amount of data growing day by day and are you finding it hard to balance availability and security? We offer safe and customized cloud storage delivered from one of Sweden’s safest data centers and managed from Stockholm. Access is provided through standard S3 APIs via public or internal communication channels.

Secure backup

Unforeseen events sometimes occur, which means that everyone can benefit from performing a backup, even if it’s only to ensure that you can recover lost data if needed. We can provide backup services that minimise downtime and protect you from data loss. By automatically creating copies of your IT environment, we can quickly restore your business’ critical features and system data without disturbing your end user applications or customer experience if something unexpected was to happen.

With our backup service, your protected data is by default stored in two different physical locations for disaster protection.

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