ASV responsibilities

The responsibilities of an ASV

  • Performing external vulnerabilty scans in accordance with PCI DDS requirement 11.2.
  • Maintaining security and integrity of systems and tools that are used to perform scans
  • Making reasonable effort to ensure scans:
    • Do not impact the normal operation of the customer environment
    • Do not penetrate or intentionally alter the custom environment
  • Scanning all IP ranges and domains provided by customer to identify active IP adresses and services
  • Consulting with the customer to determine if IP addresses found, but not provided by the customer, should be included
  • Providing a determination as to whether the customer’s components have met the scanning requirement
  • Providing adequate documentation within the scan report to demonstrate the compliance or non-compliance of the customer’s components with the the scanning requirements
  • Submitting the ASV Scan Report Attestation of Scan Compliance in accordance with the acquirer of payment brand instructions
  • Retaining scan reports and related work products for two years
  • Providing the customer with a means for disputing findings in the scan report
  • Maintaining an internal quality asssurance process for ASV

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