ASV Scan as a Service

Need help with quarterly ASV scans to comply with PCI DSS?

24 Solutions can help you remedy your vulnerabilities before a hacker can exploit them because the only thing more dangerous than having a vulnerable environment is not knowing it’s vulnerable. An effective vulnerability scan can locate any security risks in your domain before a threat finds them.

ASV a PCI DSS requirement

Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) scans are a requirement for companies who need to be compliant with requirement 11 of PCI DSS. The requirement obliges entities to, among other things, scan the external perimeter of the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) on a quarterly basis and also perform both internal and external scans after any significant change.

Experienced PCI QSA Security Specialists can scan your IT environment on a regular to help you reach and maintain your PCI DSS certification.

We offer two different approaches to ASV Scan as a Service:

Scan It Yourself (SIY)

The client is provided with an account on the ASV platform where they manage their scans on a quarterly basis and where they asses any eventual vulnerabilities that arise on their own.

We Scan It For You (WSIFY)

The client gives 24 Solutions their IPs and our experienced security consultants conduct the scan on a quarterly basis and deliver a report for the client’s records. With 24 Solutions managing the process, you, as the client doesn’t need to hire security experts or vulnerability assessors, since we do it all for you.

For the comprehensive list of what ASVs are responsible for, click here!


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