Time to validate compliance with PCI DSS?

PCI DSS compliance is a continuous process. It can be a tedious task for you to handle on your own since the requirements constantly change, and it’s a full time job just to stay updated! If your organisation needs to validate its compliance with PCI DSS – we can help.PCI QSA certified company

24 Solutions has a close collaboration with an independent QSA company and experienced PCI QSA (Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor) auditors certified by the PCI Security Standard Council to assess whether companies are compliant with PCI DSS standards.

What does a QSA actually do?

QSA:s review IT environments and ensure that they comply with PCI requirements. 24 Solutions use QSA:s who are always up to date with the latest, so that you can always be sure that your IT environment is assessed based on the latest directives.

Our QSA:s can help you with:

Security solutions that last

24 Solutions can do so much more than help you with your PCI DSS certification. We can also deliver the security required to continue to comply with regulations throughout the lifecycle of your services. In addition to the combined package of QSA, infrastructure and operations services to reach PCI DSS compliance, we offer our services as separate components. This way we can help you achieve 100% compliance.

Let 24 Solutions validate how well your company follows the PCI DSS requirements!

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