Free policy template for PCI DSS

The IT policy is an essential piece of PCI DSS certification

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security standard that all organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data must comply with or risk heavy fines. By meeting the PCI DSS requirements, you know that your company meets the highest security requirements within the industry.

An important part of the PCI DSS certification is to establish and follow an approved IT policy. The documentation itself is even its own requirement – 12 – in the standard.

Writing an IT policy requires indepth knowledge of PCI DSS and hundreds of hours of work. With a PCI DSS-certified infrastructure 24 Solutions is ample qualified, especially since we also have our own certified auditors, known as PCI QSA:s (Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor). This is a combination that we are alone with in Europe. The QSA’s are authorized by the PCI Security Standards Council to assess the compliance of companies and organisations with PCI DSS.

Download IT policy template

We help you hit the ground running

To give you a head start with your company’s PCI DSS work, 24 Solutions has developed a policy for a hypothetical company. It gives your business a concrete example of a comprehensive policy that complies with PCI DSS.

24 Solutions’ policy template can be used to inspire your business to create your own unique PCI DSS policy. And, it will provide you with sections in the appendices that contain records required to comply with PCI DSS.

Companies can also choose to use the downloadable example policy as a starting point to modify their routines to better fit the policy. Whichever way you choose, you will be well equipped to cope with the PCI DSS-certification process.

Works for all different types of companies

The 84-page policy is written to cover the whole spectrum of companies that are subject to PCI DSS. Each section contains references to relevant requirements of the standard in question. It will therefore be easy to select the parts that are relevant, or not, to your specific company and create a customized IT policy that paves the way for rapid certification.

Want an editable, complete version for free?

Would you like the complete 84-page version of the IT policy as a Word document to use as a template to devise an IT policy for your company? Send us an email at and we’ll send you a copy.


”As an IT admin at a small nonprofit, I am always looking for great value in IT services.  24 Solutions’ IT Policy Template literally saved us days of research and writing time.  I am grateful for the comprehensiveness and depth of the IT Policy Template, and the ease with which I can customize it.  It is the best IT Policy Template I have seen.”  – Dave.


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