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The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a list of information security requirements for organizations that handle cardholder information and data. The purpose of PCI DSS is to protect against breaches, theft and fraud. By meeting the PCI DSS requirements, companies can adhere to the industry’s best security practices and fulfill security compliance. Compliance also guarantees that cardholder data is protected. Let 24 Solutions help you become compliant!


We help you achieve and sustain certification

The requirements specify how IT operations and management should look like. PCI DSS compliance is a continuous process that requires both project management and technical skills. Companies must both achieve and sustain certification.

Since PCI DSS standards are regularly updated and changed, maintaining certification can be demanding for companies to handle on their own. As a PCI DSS Level 1 Supplier, 24 Solutions can provide the infrastructure and the ongoing services needed to meet PCI certification and keep it.

Our offer is unique

24 Solutions offer a rare package around PCI DSS since we have a PCI DSS certified technology platform and can also offer PCI QSA services. We can therefore be your central point of contact for all your compliance needs! Our services include secure servers, both physical and cloud based, log management and Web Application Firewall.  Our clients can reach 100% PCI DSS compliance by combining our secure hosting with QSA services.

Optimal protection for all companies

PCI DSS is a requirement for companies handling credit cards, but it is good practice for any and all businesses. By complying with PCI DSS, a company can rest assured that they have the highest security available for their IT operations. So, even if you don’t have to comply you can take advantage of our top-notch security services and infrastructure to close any potential security gaps you might have before criminals take advantage of them.

Let us help you achieve compliance!

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