Vulnerability Scan

Sure that your servers are flawless?

The only thing more dangerous than having a vulnerable environment is not knowing that it’s vulnerable. An effective Vulnerability Scan can locate any security risks in your domain before a threat finds them. A security breach can lead to revenue loss, ill will, and even theft of personal data; let 24 Solutions address your vulnerabilities before someone else does.

We can pinpoint exploits

24 Solutions offer Vulnerability Scans to our clients to help them identify potential vulnerabilities. A Vulnerability Scan entails scanning a network for vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are then listed in a report, and ranked by degree of severity. We provide both internal and external vulnerability scans, which means we can scan both private and public IP addresses. At 24 Solutions, we use QUALYS when we perform Vulnerability Scans.

Our scanning services means that your organisation can have a proactive approach to security, as we help our clients pinpoint flaws and exploits in their systems before anyone else does.

  • Our software goes through the IP addresses and detects vulnerabilities
  • We produce a report. In the report, the vulnerabilities are ranked according to severity
  • The report is sent to you as an encrypted file
  • Recommendations to solve the vulnerabilities are included

The many benefits of Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scans are a must for companies who have to comply with PCI DSS (requirement 11.2). These companies need to conduct vulnerability scans on a quarterly basis.

However, all organisations can benefit from conducting vulnerability scans. Firstly, it is a quick and easy way to give your organisation a clear picture of how security looks in your systems and what you need to do to increase security. A vulnerability scan can also identify the systems that need to be patched or updated.

Additionally, from a cost perspective it is advantageous to purchase vulnerability scanning as a service as opposed to doing it yourself as you do not have to pay for the software itself, but pay only for the service.

Services to increase identified vulnerabilities

We provide Vulnerability Scans at our clients’ discretion, and can conduct them as a standalone offer or as a regular service. If a client is unsatisfied with the potential vulnerabilities that our scan uncovers, we can discuss the findings from the report and the steps forward for the company. We also offer a number of services that can help increase the security of your organisation.

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