Security Incident Handling

All your ducks in a row in case of an IT security incident?

New types of IT security-related incidents pop up on an almost daily basis and the attacks frequently compromise both personal and business-related data. Cyber-attacks have become not only more numerous and diverse in nature, but also more damaging and disruptive over time.

What is an IT security incident?

When talking about IT security incidents, the definition can be as broad as an intrusion or attempted intrusion to the more specifically any event determining a violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies or standard security practices. Whichever the definition, the most important thing is to respond quickly and effectively whenever a security breach occurs so that loss and destruction is minimized, the exploited weakness is mitigated and IT services are restored. To be able to do just that, organizations need to review incident response capabilities so that intrusions are detected in time.

We mitigate your risk

24 Solutions can help organizations mitigate risk by providing a practical approach to responding to incidents effectively and efficiently. You might already perform some incident work in-house, which is great, but 24 Solutions highly skilled senior security specialists have deep knowledge of intrusion detection, forensics, vulnerabilities, exploits, and other aspects of security. Knowledge that could be crucial for serious and widespread incidents.

Let us be your on-demand incident response team

As your on-demand incident response team 24 Solutions can intervene if you just suffered a system or data breach for example. We can also help you build a proper computer security incident handling capability. Something that could include steps like:

  • Establish a formal security incident response capability
  • Create a security incident response policy
  • Develop a security incident response plan based on incident response policy
  • Develop security incident response procedures
  • Establish policies and procedures regarding security incident-related information sharing
  • Provide pertinent information on security incidents to the appropriate organization
  • Consider relevant factors when selecting an security incident response team model
  • Select people with appropriate skills for the security incident response team
  • Identify other groups within the organization that may need to participate in security incident handling
  • Determine which services the team should offer

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