Secure Code Review

Know exactly what piece of your code that might be vulnerable?

Before sending out an important document, a part of the process is to review it, to have one last look to make sure that everything is correct. The same goes for applications. Secure Code Review is a process that identifies any insecure piece of code in an application. A potential vulnerability in an application could ultimate lead to an insecure, compromised system.

Our security experts can be your extra set of eyes

24 Solutions offer Secure Code Review services to ensure the security and safety of your applications. Our technical security experts can identify any flaws, and have years of experience in identifying security risk issues that may have been missed by developers.

A weak application makes itself a target

The goal of our code review service is to find and identify specific security-related flaws within your code that a malicious user could leverage to compromise confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your application. It is important to conduct a Secure Code Review. This is because an application that is weak in any technical area makes itself a target to any outside threat, which increases the likelihood that the application will be attacked.

The advantages of doing a Secure Code Review are many. Firstly, it is an important measure that will increase the security of your application. Furthermore, it can also save you time, money and resources, as a Secure Code Review can take place during the development of an application, enabling you to identify and resolve deficiencies before the release of the application.

Let us review your code so that you know that your applications are safe and protected!

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