Penetration Testing

Can you find potential vulnerabilities in your own system?

One of the greatest risks for any company is not being aware of potential security issues. It is for this reason necessary to use different methods to evaluate the security of your business. An effective pentest can point out any flaws to you before a potential threat does. 24 Solutions’ security specialists can help test the security of your organisation.

Penetration test to find vulnerabilities

Penetration Tests are a simulated but realistic cyber attack action to determine how deep a malicious attacker would be able to penetrate into a target environment. Penetration testing is a critical step in reaching PCI DSS compliance. 24 Solutions offer Penetration Tests as a QSA service, but also as a general service where our experts test servers and external services for vulnerabilities from an infrastructure point of view.

Get a better understanding of your systems

During pen tests our experts utilize the same advanced techniques that a real attacker would use to break into a protected environment, in order to determine potential flaws of a client’s system. The benefit of these tests is that a client can gain a better understanding of their vulnerabilities, both from a PCI DSS framework, but also if you don’t have to comply with security standards. 24 Solutions can help develop a solution to design better security against such attacks.

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