Info Sec

Is your information kept safe?

Information security, or Info Sec as it is also called, is one of the top priorities for many organisations. It is important that information is both handled and stored safely so that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Any system downtime hampers the productivity of almost everyone in the organization, and can completely side-line a business. Our solutions minimize the risk of security threats and disruptions in IT operations. We can provide both secure IT environments and test the security of your organisation.

Secure infrastructure = high availability

A secure IT environment is key in ensuring that data is kept safe. 24 Solutions has a PCI DSS Level 1 certified infrastructure, which means that we have high availability and reliability. We can handle your data with the highest level of security, so you can focus on other things!

Services to test your security

Availability, integrity and confidentiality are seen as the three pillars of information security in an organisation. 24 Solutions can help your company ensure that your information is kept safe. We can through an established partnership with security experts provide a variety of services to test the security of servers and network environments of your company.

Our experts can quickly identify any security gaps and bugs in your system, and then work towards building a safer environment and eliminate any shortcomings.

We are proactive to keep you secure

24 Solutions is always proactive when it comes to network security. We update our systems constantly because security isn’t just a product; it’s an ongoing process. We can provide the security services necessary to protect against cyber threats including, but not limited to, (D)DoS attacks, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting.

If your organisation is dependent on having an easily accessible IT system and network and want a provider with high standards on security and accessibility, 24 Solutions is the right choice. With our comprehensive security processes, you avoid unplanned disruptions.

Quick and efficient to minimise damages

Unfortunately, the reality of today is that organisations are at risk of experiencing IT-security related incidents, such as breaches or policy violations. Preparation, risk management and effective problem solving are fundamental skills when it comes to incident management. With 24 Solutions as a supplier, you can be assured that incidents are handled quickly and efficiently. Learn more about how we can help you handle IT security incidents.

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