GDPR Services

Do you need help to reach and maintain compliance with GDPR?

All companies that manage any type of personal data will have to adhere by the new data protection regulation. And the work to reach and maintain compliance with GDPR continues after May 25th 2018.

Companies will have to continuously analyze and assess systems and routines to ensure that they fulfil the requirements in the GDPR. 24 Solutions can offer customized services and solutions in regards to IT processes and documentation that help companies live up to GDPR’s standards. We deliver complete solutions that encompass both technology and the law.

Gap analysis, 2-3 days

Need help gaining control over data and especially unstructured data? We can conduct a gap analysis where the delivery is a written report with an action plan for GDPR. The gap analysis will:

  • Identify systems that store personal data
  • Identify the interfaces against the systems
  • Identify operating processes that handle personal data
  • Develop an initial plan for future efforts to address identified systems and processes
Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

A DPIA means that we analyze your operations per system basis GDPR requirements using a matrix where we folders claim against the state in order to be in black and white what needs to be done in detail. A DPIA include:

  • Analysis of the identified systems and their interfaces
  • Analysis of the identified processes in operations
  • Detailed report describing the identified processes and systems, as well as guidelines for continuous monitoring
DPO as a Service

As stated in Article 37 of GDPR, some organizations must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to be compliant with GDPR. This applies to public organizations, companies whose core business involves monitoring registered individuals, and companies whose core business consists of processing specific categories of information (race, health, sexual orientation, political opinions, etc.) to a large extent.

24 Solutions offer DPO as a Service:

  • A qualified person from our team functions as the DPO for your organization
  • A practical solution for organizations who don’t have the internal resources, or simply want to outsource the DPO role
  • You get a person who not only supervises and acts as a contact person for supervisory authorities, but will also offer advice on all questions regarding the processing of personal data
Record of Processing Activities Template

According to Article 30 of the GDPR, organizations have to maintain a record of processing activities. 24 Solutions offer a ready-to-use record of processing activities template. The template allows you to quickly map your organization’s processing of personal data.

Get an overview of your processing activities:

  • Ready-to-use template complete with clear and detailed examples
  • One-time cost of €199.
  • Can be used by both controller and processor
  • Comes with glossary that explains the main concepts in the regulation
GDPR ready Infrastructure and IT Operations

GDPR requires companies know where their data is stored, and where personal data is being processed. 24 Solutions offer GDPR Ready Hosting. We can offer infrastructure and IT operations from secure data centers in Sweden that facilitate data management. Our experience in compliance and PCI certified technical platform make our systems and operations well equipped to meet the GDPR requirements. We also have ISO 27001 certification, which shows that our processes and procedures are thorough and well-functioning information security.

Log management system to facilitate compliance

Do you need help to guarantee traceability in your systems? Log management makes reporting easier, and helps you follow the requirements of the Data Protection Act (GDPR).

With a SIEM system you can:

  • Monitor access to your systems
  • Identify and track abnormal activity and unauthorized traffic
  • Get useful statistics and analysis to improve your security
  • Facilitate efficient reporting in case of a personal data breach

Our certified systems guarantee traceability and integrity of sensitive data to help you comply with the reporting requirements in GDPR. Read more about how log management can benefit your company.


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