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About 24 Solutions in short

24 Solutions are specialists within security, availability, and compliance. We have a cutting edge technical platform that has been PCI DSS certified since 2010. Our solutions deliver functions that store, protect, and manage customer data around the clock with the highest security, either in our own data center or in the cloud.

24 Solutions protects millions of transactions annually. Some of our clients are Sweden’s largest players within the payments industry. They trust us to keep their data safe and their IT operations up and running so that they can focus on their core business.

24 Solutions knows PCI DSS24 Solutions was founded in 2001 and has an office in Stockholm.

The Board & CEO

  • Johan Tyrenius, Chairman of the Board
  • Mats Jämterud, Member of the Board
  • Åke Nygren, Member of the Board
  • Daniel Werner, Member of the Board
  • Hans von Knorring, Member of the Board
  • Magnus Mårtensson, Managing Director

Annual Reports

24 Solutions 2014 Annual Report

24 Solutions 2015 Annual Report

24 Solutions featured in mhz

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