2016 – an eventful year at 24 Solutions

As with many other parts of society, 2016 turned out to be an eventful year for 24 Solutions as well. A number of major events helped shape the future of our organization and the direction in which we are heading.

We believe that we have clear indications that our focus on compliance and information security will continue to be a strong business driver for us, especially with a number of new European legislations in coming years. As such we have started a partnership with a legal firm to further strengthen our offering around GDPR being able to also include legal issues.

As you may have heard we achieved ISO 27001 certification, a nice complement to our existing PCI DSS certification. These two certifications combined is a really strong indicator of the level of our commitment to information security.

As part of the preparations for our annual PCI DSS re-certification, we did some significant improvements to the infrastructure with even further isolation between services to strengthen the effect of security countermeasures and to decrease the impact if any kind of breach should ever occur.

We started replacing our central log management system, to ensure that we have a scalable system with full control and traceability in our infrastructure.

We implemented a brand new backup system that we are now introducing on a mass scale.

We established our new data center, and the project to migrate services there is ongoing.

The above are just some of the major highlights of last year’s events, not forgetting the hundreds of support tickets we managed, recurring patching, log reviews, security scans, server deployments, etc. …

We have on-boarded a number of new customers and tried our best to make sure our existing customers are satisfied with our services.

Now we look forward to making 2017 the most spectacular year in our history as a company. We hope our customers; partners and suppliers are up for the challenge!

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