24 Solutions building team of top developers

24 Solutions business area Development continues to grow. Being both a consultancy specialist and a product company gets positive responses from the market, especially from developers. Through careful and dedicated recruitment initiatives, 24 Solutions is building a team of the sharpest developers in Sweden by offering the opportunity to work with the latest in clouds and mobility, both nationally and internationally.

“It is an exciting opportunity to be part of a journey that includes both new technologies and implementations as well as international projects. The opportunity to work with solutions such as native cloud is something I’ve been hoping to do for long. I am convinced that it is important to stay at the forefront with the latest trends in this particular area. It was great to represent 24 Solutions at Berlin Buzzwords last week, an annual conference on trends in scalability and NoSQL in the cloud, both to keep myself and the company up to date, ” says Gunnar Gustavsson, system architect 24 Solutions.

The meeting between the consultants and products means that 24 Solutions can offer advanced consulting assignments that include the ability to participate in Native Cloud projects where there is an opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies in areas such as NoSQL (Cassandra, Hadoop).

“Our strength is that we have broad expertise within the company, senior system specialists who possess vast experience in virtualization and storage solutions. The meeting between the developers and architects means we can offer our customers the possibility to transform their legacy systems into the next-generation cloud solution, Native Cloud, which is built for high transaction intense systems. It is our goal to constantly be at the forefront of our offering to customers with the right expertise in place,” says Henrik Grankvist, Business Unit Manager Development, 24 Solutions.

The company’s most recent employment, Hans Nilsson, who recently worked at Ongame, has 10 years experience in systems development with focus on J2EE and open source.

For more information about Development contact Henrik Grankvist:

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