24 Solutions launches Secure Cloud

24 Solutions launches Secure Cloud, a cloud service where users can manage their own clouds, with operations from some of Sweden’s safest data centers. Secure Cloud is a flexible and scalable solutions where customers can customize their environment and only pay for the capacity they need.

24 Solutions Secure Cloud is an Iaas service based on the well-known VMware vCloud. A user friendly portal from AirVM where customers can create servers according to their needs has been added to the platform. The customers decide RAM, CPU, disk size, processor, storage space, firewall, network configuration, and then manage the operating systems and applications in the cloud.

– Our customers have requested an alternative to big players like Amazon AWS and Azure where they can combine the best of both world within hosting. With Secure Cloud they can now create and manage own servers, as well as traditional hosting with the same provider, says 24 Solutions’ CEO Magnus Mårtensson.

When 24 Solutions manages the infrastructure, customers do not have to allocate resources, maintain, invest in hardware, and train staff. That the infrastructure is then operated from some of Sweden’s most secure data centers with full redundancy facilitates compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

– Secure Cloud is an optimal way to utilize our secure infrastructure, especially when there are requirements that companies have to know where data is stored and, in some cases, that it is stored within the borders of Sweden.

Secure Cloud is equally suitable for test-/development servers as it is for production servers that require a stable, secure and scalable platform. Secure Cloud can grow with your business, whether it is large or small.

Click here to read more about Secure Cloud.

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