24 Solutions guarantees full control of your IT

Companies in Sweden often experience not having complete control over their internal IT-environment. Employees are faced with technical hassles daily that can lower a comapany’s efficiency. 24 Solutions delivers custom tailored IT solutions for businesses by examining the current IT environment and then adjusting the infrastructure and applications to fit the specific business. A process that can save both time, money and employees’ frustration.

When IT is not functioning a company is faced with high costs. Problems may be caused by companies not keeping track of when licenses expire and need renewal, how much server space is actually used, back-up not working on all data and also from working with a number of different suppliers meaning that no one has full surveillance over all systems. Employees can also become frustrated as a result of IT not working in their everyday work. According to a new survey by the trade union Unionen, a third of those questioned believed that they could save an hours work a day if their computers just worked the way they should. Companies need to focus more on simplicity for employees and ensure that technologies are adapted to the actual business, and not face that the business needs to adjust because of shortcomings in the technology.

-At 24 Solutions we offer a complete solution that is fully adapted to customer needs. IT should be easy, and really made invisible for the people working at a company. By letting us handle the technology, companies can focus all their energy at their actual business instead. We offer support at all levels of the IT environment, which means that you are secure if a problem should occur, says Andreas Pellas, CTO 24 Solutions.

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