24 Solutions are ISO 9001 certified

We are very proud to be quality assured through ISO 9001. An external audit was conducted in May this year with an approved outcome.

24 Solutions has completed a project to improve their service and delivery by working with the ISO 9001 standard. An external audit was conducted in May without objections and approved certification. We strive to work after practices and provide customers with the highest quality of our services. We set high standards in our own operations and our partners.

“As a cloud provider, it’s important that our services and projects are always the highest quality and meet customer requirements. ISO 9001 is proof that we meet these high standards and are in line with our continued focus on being the best secure cloud provider in the Nordic countries. We evaluate and continually challenge our industry and the way we work and by ISO 9001, we have a tool that can help us to constantly better ourselves ”

– Risto Lavett, Marketing Director – 24 Solutions

About 24 Solutions :

Our mission is to provide our customers services round the clock, throughout the year with the highest security and availability. With our private cloud and hybrid platform and competence we can help you with strategy, design and solution to best suit your needs. Our customers appreciate that we are flexible, service -focused and have a cutting edge technological platform.


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